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Creamyy Crumbles’ Founder, Shweta Patawari, Honored with Samaj Ratna Puruskar 2023

Shweta Patawari, the Founder of Creamyy Crumbles, has been recognized for her contributions to culinary innovation and home baking. 

She was recently honoured with the Samaj Ratna Puruskar 2023, recognizing her commitment to creating Promising Brands of Authentic & Hygienic Home Baking in Maharashtra.

The Samaj Ratna Puruskar, a prestigious and highly regarded award, has been an emblem of recognition for individuals who have made outstanding contributions to society and their communities. 

The significance of authentic and hygienic home baking cannot be overstated. Home baking goes beyond the creation of delicious treats; it is an art that reflects the heart and soul of the baker. 

The authenticity of home baking lies in the use of high-quality, fresh ingredients combined with the personal touch that defines each recipe. It is a celebration of tradition, culture, and the joy of creating something wholesome from scratch.

In 2023, this award continues its tradition of honoring those exceptional individuals who have selflessly dedicated their time, energy, and resources to making the world a better place. The Samaj Ratna Puruskar 2023 recognizes the exemplary efforts and remarkable accomplishments of individuals who have embraced the principles of service and community engagement.

Shweta Patawari of Creamyy Crumbles, has brought a world of flavor, creativity, and happiness to baking. Her journey began with a profound passion for baking and a determination to redefine the art of baking. 

The Samaj Ratna Puruskar 2023 has identified remarkable individuals who embody the spirit of selflessness and community service. These recipients come from diverse backgrounds and have dedicated their lives to various causes, such as education, healthcare, environmental conservation, and empowerment of marginalized communities.

From her home-based kitchen in the heart of Mumbai, Shweta has been spreading joy since 2021, crafting imaginative cakes that challenge conventions and leave a lasting impression.

Shweta’s shift towards creating edible art from scratch, without any compromises, led to the establishment of Creamyy Crumbles. 

Here, visual stories are woven into delectable treats that have become an integral part of cherished moments for countless individuals and families. Shweta’s dedication to her craft is evident in the quality and creativity that she brings to each creation.

Upon receiving the Samaj Ratna Puruskar 2023, Shweta Patawari expressed her gratitude, saying, “I am deeply honored and humbled to receive this award. It’s a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire Creamyy Crumbles team. We are committed to continuing our journey of creating delightful and authentic home-baked treats that bring joy to our customers’ lives.”

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